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Chapter 8 Page 41
Posted October 18, 2019 at 03:00 am

well that's it for chapter 8! i'm sure everything's fine! it always is! the next two weeks will be guest art from some very talented artists, and then back to chapter 9 on the 28th! the last of volume 2, because i'm thinking in volumes now!

here's the recap:

  • january is, by default, the winner of the representative contest. fidelia continues to sink her hooks into her, advising her that she is the only person january can trust
  • dr brandt, fidelia's own magical researcher, confirms that lucy's abilities are unheard of. fidelia orders dr brandt to collect all the information she can on lucy
  • mom soga is assigned to investigate the events of the test, starting at the san carlucco bakery. bakery says fuck cops and kicks her and joe out. she orders joe to send romeo up to spy on the second floor, where joe--through romeo's eyes--sees su-yeong, isra, and broom girl discussing whether su-yeong should help ana regain her magic. su-yeong is not into the idea, isra and BG are. joe lies to protect them
  • ana's family don't know how to talk to her about what happened, and have some resentment over the way she's treated them in the past. ana has a hard time with the loss, and is approached by BG to talk about it. she tells BG she had to work hard for her magic, and that she perceived lucy as trying to skip all that work when they entered the contest. bg suggests she ought to talk to lucy about this herself, once bg finds them.
  • rin and joe catch up to BG, and rin attacks. it goes Pretty Bad for wolfe, but also for her. 

and that's it, see you next week with the first guest art!

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