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This page contains spoilers near the bottom, only look past Tobi if you're caught up!

Lucy Marlowe (they/them, 17) and Ivy (she/her)


Philomena Vasillia (she/her, 16) and Tully (he/him)


January Singh (she/her, 16) and Friday (he/him)


Tetsu (they/them, 16) and Merlin (he/him)


Sylas Dubois (he/him, 18) and Fenn (she/her) & Fineas (he/him)


Ana Ramone (she/her, 17) and Merrylegs (she/her)


Cedric (he/him, like 11) and Honey (she/her)


Broom Girl (she/her, 18) and Ferb (he/him)

Tobi (he/him, 19) and Tater (he/him)

Seiji Soga (he/him, 19) and Junko (she/her)

Magister Fidelia Lapointe (she/her) and Duchess (she/her)

Thierry Rothart (he/him) and Ivy (she/her)

Su-Yeong (she/her, 18)

Officer Joseph "Joe" Rothart (he/him) and Romeo (he/him)

Neith Karim (she/her) and Muffin (she/her)

Isra Karim (she/her) and Gateau (she/her)



Peony (she/her, 10), Rascal (they/them, 10), Hanzi (he/him, 11), Billy (he/him, 9), Martha (she/her, 9), Sasha (she/her, 10)