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Chapter 10 Page 57
Posted January 4, 2021 at 03:00 am

that's right, we're ending on a page with PANELS this time. we're breaking tradition. no more splash pages. we're out in uncharted territory now. the next two weeks will as usual be guest artist content, this time it'll be a two-page canon mini-comic by friend g c houle!! look forward to it >:3

as usual, here's what we learned this chapter:

  • rin (seiji's mom) has been staying at joe (january's uncle)'s place ever since she became a husk, after unintentionally shooting her own familiar through the heart with magic. She's Mad About It! she also has worked out where su-yeong is, and that joe helped get her off the island.
  • seiji tells sylas to his face that he should give up on philomena. sylas implies he doesn't think he has a choice. the two part on bad terms
  • lucy has been living in secret at fidelia's house. fidelia told them that she had to give them away to keep their romantic, years long affair secret because it would have destroyed them to be found out, and that it broke her heart to do so. 
  • sylas' father has been having an affair with fidelia for nearly twenty years, which also produced sylas' sister emilia. his mother is aware of the affair. 
  • fidelia cut lucy's hair to look like hers. they're self consicous about it. lucy also reveals they only have memory going back to when they were thirteen, and that rothart had found them deliriously sick in the street.
  • seiji gave lucy a smooch on the cheek! in front of sylas and fidelia! he is banned from her house, and lucy is forbidden from seeing him again
  • lucy finds out sylas is their older brother, and is made to believe his birth was the reason they had to be given away.
  • seiji realizes a little too late that lucy is sylas' sibling. we also learn that junko "jumped out" of seiji, whatever that means!
  • rin encounters seiji and the two catch up on the situation with lucy, sylas, and fidelia. she encourages him to go after lucy romantically, and is deliberately obtuse about the reasons for her change in appearance and absence. she disappears again without telling him anything substantial.

and that's the important stuff!! have a great week, see you next monday with the first guest page!

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