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Chapter 12 Page 41 and 42-- Hiatus Announcement
Posted April 3, 2023 at 03:00 am

it's everybody's least favorite kind of webcomic update, but pretty much always a very necessary one.

if you haven't already heard from my social media, i have a graphic novel in the works! The Hunger on the S.S. Lark, a YA horror adventure about a vampire and a girl investigating a creature feeding on the working class in the bowels of a 1913 ocean liner. it's set to come out in spring 2025, and i've been working on it as more or less my day job for the last year, and will continue to be working on it for another as i bring it to finish.

and after working on a graphic novel full time for a year, while also working on NS... i'm tired! it's exhausting to spend my work week on comics, and then turn around and spend my weekend on comics, while also trying to make time for my other hobby projects. i don't want to do that anymore, so i'm going to put a pause on NS for the foreseeable future.

i feel like the quality of work on NS has gone down for the last while, largely due to it becoming a chore more than a passion. plus, i've never made it a secret that i write by the seat of my pants, and while that might have been fine for the first few chapters, we're at the point where i really need to take time to sit down and figure out how to wrap things up, and i can't do that while updating every week. i've always found i work better with a solid plan, and i need to stop putting it off. i'll also try to use this time to prepare the files for book 2. there's no plans in place for printing it yet, but it won't hurt to get the work done.

thank you all so much for supporting me over the years. this was a super hard decision, but trust me that the relief this'll bring to my mental health is Immense. i've been working on this comic for eight years now, and in all that time i have never taken any significant time off or missed an update. breaking that streak kills me, but carrying on as i have will kill me faster.

that said, today is the eighth anniversary of NS! it's insane that i've been doing this since i was 21, and i'll be 29 in a couple months. as is traditional, i have a new illustration featuring the main cast. this time: they're having a sleepover. with me going on break, it's the perfect time for these kids to catch up on their sleep. you can view the larger version in the print shop!

you'll still be able to keep up with me on tumblr and twitter! thank you again for sticking with me as long as you have, whether it was from the very beginning, or just this week. i'm sorry that, for however long, i'll just have to leave you......