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Chapter 6 Page 55
Posted April 20, 2018 at 03:00 am
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4/20 blaze it. ANYWAY. that was a long chapter huh!! longest non-test one so far. i love to die. we learned a lot this time!! here's your recap:

  • joe knew tobi and su-yeong several years ago
  • the seal around the island can only be opened by the magister's ladies (so, ophelia, derry) and the guard. the diamond shape on joe's uniform is enchanted to work like a key.
  • su-yeong put herself on the island to protect tobi and peony from herself. her memories of her time there are blurry.
  • tetsu's masters isra and neith are aware of husks. isra is actually a doctor that specializes in their study, and neith is an ex-guard that used to work with joe.
  • we learn about husk tiers. i'll just link the page instead of writing it out again
  • peony is the only street kid that doesn't actually have a family. tobi and su-yeong look after her, because she reminds them of their friend morgan. morgan dropped out of contact soon after getting magic, and they haven't heard from him since.
  • gemstones that match a husk's color siphon magical energy rather than focus it. a husk's eyes function like gemstones and are constantly generating magic. isra theorizes that having that much magic constantly around a person's mind is what causes husks to lose their sanity.
  • joe was romantically involved with morgan's master, dr. malliet, who also researched husks. he and morgan died in a fire caused by a husk five years ago, which also burned down all the research he and isra had done before.
  • su-yeong and tobi are together.
  • rothart??????? ivy????? hm?????

anyway as always the next two weeks will be guest updates!! stick around for some good art!! chapter 7 will begin on may 7th! wow!