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Guest Comic: Scott Foss
Posted October 6, 2017 at 03:00 am

our final, hilarious, guest update is from friend scott foss! scott's done a tooooon of webcomics that i really really love. i found him through boneheaded, a superhero comic about a gay korean-american guy that happens to have a skull for a head, and tries to be a superhero (among a lot of other things). and then there's the long siesta, a far flung future comic about a woman who's cryogenically frozen and awakens to find everything's changed for the worse. and!! right now, he's working on jane, about a robotic 'clone' of a girl that disappeared into a rift, and her trying to Exist and have a life. they're all extremely good comics and master classes on characters that feel realized and conflicts that hit hard. i can't recommend them enough!! and you can follow scott on twitter and tumblr!

next week we'll begin chapter 6!!!! see you then!!!!